About Us

At MEOW INK TATTOO, we take pride in our unique approach to the tattoo industry. We understand that every client has a different vision for their new ink and we do our best to pair them up with an artist that will help best showcase their personal art in a different light. We are also the only Tattoo shop in the GTA that specializes in general tattoo fix ups in any style.

Do you have a tattoo you used to love or would like improved, but needs some magic to bring it back to life? Drop by our shop for a free consult and we can talk about the possibilities for your existing ink!

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We hope that our clients can also respect our views and understand that we DO NOT support plagiarism toward any type of illustrations or tattoos that have already been done (except family photos, personal photos or celebrity photos). We advise you to research and acknowledge the art you are interested in or taking from, ask for permission from the original artist or at least support and purchase their original work before coming in with the design. 

Thanks you for understanding!