Do you guys do Piercings/Temporary Tattoo/eyebrow tattooing?

No, sorry.
We are a ‘Permanent Tattoo ONLY’ Studio

Do you accept Walk-Ins?

Our shop is strictly 'Book By Appointment’ ONLY
For Walk-In Inquiries - Please Call or email us between 1pm - 6pm to confirm our availability for that day before walking in.

What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

Tattoo session can be short and quick or long and exhausting. Please prepare ahead of time to make sure your experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

A few days prior to your appointment, we recommend you prep your skin with daily moisturizer. This will help the skin to better take in ink. If you have body hair in that area, please shave before your appointment. We suggest you to bring any entertainment of your choice, snacks, food and drinks. While tattooing your body temperature may drop, feel free to bring in a small blanket to keep warm.

Visit here for Meow Ink’s Tattoo Aftercares!

What are the things I need to do to take care of my Tattoo?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Tattoos will hurt regardless, however to make your session more comfortable please make sure you are in good health, have a positive mind set, and eat and sleep properly.

If you are fighting a cold or flu, please reschedule. Getting a tattoo is not recommended when you're immune-system is low, it could take longer for your tattoo to heal and you may be more prone to infections.

*For ladies, sometimes pain can feel more intense when you are on your period. Be mindful when choosing your appointment date, we highly recommended not getting tattooed during this time.

Is tattoo painful?

If you're wary about skin reactions due to allergies or sensitive skin. It will be an additional $50 [+tax] for Patch-Test upon request.

Symptoms to keep an eye out are: red rashes, extensive swelling and serious scabbing around the tested area.

Do you offer Patch-Test services?

Symptoms to look out for after Patch-Test?

We recommend the best time of year to get a tattoo is during the winter season. There are less chance of infection and the tattoo will heal easier and much faster.

Summer is the worse time to get tattoos because tattoo must stay covered at all times, away from sunlight during the healing period, no pool, no sun bathing, no showing it off! More sweat means more likely to get infected

When is the Best time to get a tattoo?

Tattoos do fade and age overtime, but to keep it looking vibrant, avoid tanning as much as you can and moisturize as part of your daily routine, it will help keep the tattoo looking crisp and clean.

Proper aftercare will also help prevent tattoo fading. 
For more info visit our Aftercare page.

How can I prevent my tattoo from fading?

This depends on your artist, but generally you should be expecting it sometime between 3-5 days or a week prior to your tattoo appointment.

I have an appointment booked, when can I expect a sketch?

Check out our Instagram Portfolios - @meowinktattoo, if the style you see there is not the style you're looking for, then we may not be the right shop for you.

Are there styles you don't do?

This depends on the design, if it is your own drawing, we will inspect the drawing to see if it will be a fitting tattoo, changes and adjustment can/will be made to make sure your piece turns out as ideal as possible . 

Keep in mind that generally tattoo artists work at their highest potential when given full creative freedom to design the piece for you. Using your original drawing or sketches as guidance, artists may be able to recreate a piece hopefully exceeding your expectations.


At Meow Ink Tattoo we DO NOT support plagiarism of another Tattoo Artist or Illustrator's original work. We will only use it as reference and suggest the possibility of us redesigning the work or making it our own. We will never copy a design and believe it is not okay to make profit off somebody else's hard work and creativity. We will not tattoo you with a design you find on Pinterest or Google Image unless you have rightfully purchased the design or art work from the Artist or ask for their permission to get their artwork tattooed.

Please understand we are a tattoo shop that is serious about being unique and cares deeply about creative ownership and custom designs so we choose to respect artists of all kinds. 

Will you tattoo a drawing or design the client draws or provides?

Our Fix up Artist Helen, is the only one who's comfortable doing cover ups as of currently. She prefers doing small cover-ups, so anything under 3 inches she will be willing to taking on. Anything bigger than 3 inches, please contact us to book a consult with her to discuss about possibilities.

Do you guys do cover-ups?

We accept Credit, Debit and Cash (no American express).

What kind of payments do you accept?